Rey of Sunshine Massage

Relax+Release+Refresh=Royal Massage Experience

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


 A variety of strokes and pressure

  techniques are used to enhance the

  flow of blood to the heart, remove waste

  products from the tissues, stretch

  ligaments and tendons, and ease

 physical and emotional tension. 

THAI MASSAGE 90 min/$75

 A profoundly therapeutic and dynamic

 muscle compression, and pressure

 points, to more thoroughly release

 tension in deep muscle and

 connective  tissue, and help you

 relax, and feel more grounded

 and energized. Using knees and

 feet, as well as hands and

 forearms, for more pressure,

 and always works as gently

 and firmly as you need. 

HOT STONE 90 min/$75 

 Using specialized stones called

 basalt stones.  These stones hold

 heat, helping to create a deep tissue

 massage to work tight, knotted

 muscles and release tension. 


HAND $7/FOOT $10 take about 30 min 

Consists of melted mineral wax. Paraffin  

dips can be especially helpful in relieving  

the pain and stiffness of arthritis involving 

the small joints of the  hands and feet. The hands  

and feet are repeatedly dipped into  

the melted, warm wax.  The wax allowed to cool  

and harden around the sore joints. 

Then the wax is peeled off with a hand or 

foot massage to end the session. 


On-site massage therapists use a portable chair to

deliver brief, upper body massages to fully-clothed

people in offices and other public places.

Gift Certificates are available upon request

Pamper Parties/Church Events are also available